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  1. Two.

    February 26, 2014 Dahlia's mom

    My little one is two. She climbs up slides, says “asshole” (oops. my bad.) and has decided she hates red peppers and will tell them “No” firmly while pushing them away. She is kind to animals but will not hesitate to mockingly meow back at our cat Arnold when he gets too vocal and has been known to shut the bedroom door in his face after telling him bye.

    When she turned two it was like someone flipped a switch. This little person got sassier and has started exploring her own sense of self more while being even cuddlier and more into being a part of her parents world. She gives kisses and high 5′s on request (usually but sometimes she will tell you no) and when she is upset if I hold out my arms and ask her if she would like a hug she will get up and run into them for me to hold her.

    I always thought I had something wrong with me when I was able to go to work after my maternity leave and not have it shred me like some mothers talk about. Now I get it. It happens every morning she wakes up with me and I have to kiss that sweet little face goodbye and look at the biggest brown eyes I have ever seen as they stare at me closing the door. I hate going but know I have to. Thankfully my job has odd hours and I know I will be back home to feed her lunch and play with her. I can’t imagine having to miss out on her whole waking day and only come home in time for bedtime.

    She loves to be read to, loves Tangled and Frozen and will imitate the clock part of “Do you want to build a snowman”. She counts to 10, sings the ABC’s and loves Elmo and frilly dresses while still loving cars and trains.

    Her second birthday cake featured Thomas the Tank Engine and she gasped when she saw him.

    She just started holding hands, she will occasionally grab her fathers and lead him around the house, when she grabs mine she only leads me into the kitchen corner. I wonder if she is telling me something?

  2. Do it their way once in awhile.

    October 14, 2013 Dahlia's mom

    Last night Dahlia brought me over How big is a pig by Clare Beaton to read to her. As usual she would try to flip to different pages while I would try to read it from cover to cover. This time I let her, reading whatever page she put before me, it ended up making a fun game of it and she was so involved, so into it. After a bit she alternated between having me read a page of her choosing and then taking the book to her dad and having him do the same.

    It was so much fun. If I insisted on reading the book the way I thought it should be read we would have all missed out on this, Dahlia had her own way of doing it and it and although not the way we were taught as the proper way to go about it it turned out to be the better way of doing it for us all last night.

    I think we will have to let Dahlia pick her own way of doing more things, let her experiment and see what else she comes up with. Just because I have learned to do something a certain way doesn’t mean another is so bad, it might just be the most fun I had all week.

  3. Don’t worry, it isn’t my urine!

    October 9, 2013 Dahlia's mom

    Yesterday we took Dahlia to the Topsfield Fair as a family outing. It was a nice day but I made a horrible error, I did not pack a spare outfit for her. They are checking bags this year for safety and from years past when I went on the weekends there were long lines just to get in, the thought of having to hold things up to re-pack a diaper bag full of stuff made me nervous so I opted to skip the spare. She had not had a leaky diaper in awhile.

    Things went well from the beginning, it was a weekday so the traffic I was expecting was non-existent, as were the long lines to get in. We even got a parking spot close to the entrance. Upon entering we won a blow up animal for Dahlia, she was in baby heaven. Apple cider donuts, animal, vegetable and mineral exhibits followed and all were enjoyed by our family.

    During the viewing Dahlia was moved from her stroller, to arms, to Ergobaby carrier, to her own feet and back again over and over depending on what was around safety and crowding. During this her diaper must have gotten shifted. While ordering her a grilled cheese sandwich with her in the Ergo she let go, as did her diaper, pants, Ergo and my shirt. There was a patter of pee that hit the ground at my feet. My husband looked up and asked “Uh, what just happened?” and I told him. He decided to hit the picnic area while I took my soggy self and child to the rest room to clean up.

    Cue the parade that immediately began down the only path to the restroom from where I was. I got to dodge it to and from the bathroom. I felt like a jerk running out in the middle of it BUT I had something else still running down my front so I say lets call it even. It was starting to get cold! I may have let a bad word slip out during this, sorry to those in hearing range and Dahlia, please don’t pick that one up. OK?

    I did my best to rinse and wring but I was going to be dashing about in a soggy top. I did my best to wrap Dahlia with her jacket to keep her little legs warm while I beat myself up over trying to make things easier  and instead made them harder. I decided to just buy a souvenir sweatshirt to put on Dahlia, she could wear it like a dress and it would work until we got to the car and home.

    I got a pleasant surprise when trying to buy a shirt for Dahlia, the kind man showing me what he had said nothing would fit her, when I explained we just needed something long to keep her warm until we got home and the diaper disaster, he had me come in the back saying he had something for me. I generally don’t think doing stuff like that is a good idea but the little booth was really open, it wasn’t like it was a dark alley. When I got in there he showed me a plastic bin full of ¬†children’s sweatpants in various sizes, all brand new. They have them to help out mothers who have the same exact problem I did! I was so relieved. We grabbed a xs pair that worked like a charm on Dahlia and went back out to enjoy the rest of our family outing. He really saved our day.

    Of course I had to get some hot corn on a stick while we were there. I noticed the woman behind the counter looking at my shirt while I was in line, when I got up to the counter she told me to be careful I didn’t get cold while pointing at the water on my shirt, which looked like I wet myself of course. I had to explain what happened because at the time it seemed better to let her know it wasn’t MY urine I was covered in. Makes perfect sense.

  4. Places my glasses were not this morning

    October 4, 2013 Dahlia's mom

    1. Night stand (where they should have been)
    2. Litter Box (What? She likes to give the cat things to do while he is doing his thing!)
    3. Toilet (thank God!)
    4. Under my bed (although we did find 2 bottles that were M.I.A)
    5. Under Dahlia’s bed (found some baby socks, a mutilated book and her pacibear)
    6. The cat’s water bowl (also thankfully devoid of soggy kitty food and hair ties for once)
    7. In between the couch cushions
    8. Under the couch (found play food and my left sandal)
    9. In the play stove (Which had to be moved into the hall last night after someone kept tipping it over, climbing it and doing her best impression of someone giving a diplomatic speech on how to end world hunger.)
    10. In the dresser (Although shortly after checking Dahlia was in the dresser, rolling in her clothes and trying them all on.)
    11. In the toy box
    12. In the trash
    After searching for an hour, calling out of work due to being freaking blind, asking the cat to sniff them out (he refused and instead tried to con a kitty massage out of me.) my husband located them, in our bed. You see, Dahlia must have brought them to me when she climbed up to be changed and when I didn’t find them where I thought they would have been they got tangled in the blankets of the bed and left there while we turned the house upside down.
    Hahahahaha. *facepalm*

  5. Yeah, I am a horrible person.

    October 1, 2013 Dahlia's mom

    Remember how I said I would feel better if Dahlia nailed my husband just once?

    She did.

    In the nose with my hairbrush.

    Thanks kid.

    I am a horrible person.

    Oh, in addition to wishing physical harm on my spouse I have inadvertently taught my daughter to say “Go away.” instead of goodbye.

    Never underestimate what they will hear you mutter under your breath.

  6. 20 months old

    September 30, 2013 Dahlia's mom

    Dahlia is 20 months old, the tantrums have come into play as she deals with her emotions that she doesn’t quite understand. We are doing our best to use gentle/attachment parenting practices but some days it is just so very hard. I was hit as a child, often out of anger by an alcoholic parent, and I struggle to keep calm in the heat of baby battle but that impulse to smack her is there. It makes me feel awful. I keep going at it though, one day at a time and hopefully when she is grown and has children of her own she will find it easier than me, not having been taught that slapping someone smaller than you is the way to correct a problem.

    She thinks nothing of hitting me! Oh this baby brain of hers! She is smart and I am trying to tell her that we don’t hurt each other and when she slaps me, kicks me in the face, pinches me or bites me it hurts me. I know this is a phase a lot of children go through but it would make me feel slightly better if she did it to other people and not just me, it is giving me a complex! Not that I should wish my child to bite strangers…just, you know, if she nailed her dad in the eye once I would feel less like it is something about me.

    She climbs and laughs and talks up a storm. She loves parroting things back and interacting. Her latest obsession is the big kids side of the park, she is no longer content with playing on the little toddler equipment. She opens the gate and goes right over!

    We have adopted a 4 year old cat. Dahlia loves him and he loves her. She is so gentle with him and he is very tolerant. The only thing that irritates him is when she gets too excited on the bed and hops around, he is not a fan of bouncing or being sat upon, he will straight up move himself to retire under the bed if that goes on. Dahlia doesn’t mind, she climbs right down there too and lies next to him babbling away.

    A few weeks ago we did the 2013 walk for TTP together. It was amazing, she was so well behaved and stayed awake the entire walk (unlike the MS walk where she napped the entire time and woke up in time for lunch!). Part of it she spent in the Ergobaby carrier, I love that thing. It was so nice having her snuggled close to me as we went along. I look forward to future charity walks with her. She is good company and helps me handle my social anxiety. It is easier to tough it out with her there, she makes me a braver person.

    Dahlia walking for TTP

    Dahlia walking for TTP

  7. Catching up.

    Dahlia's mom

    Started this when Dahlia was 16 months, she is now 20 months. I suck at blogging! I will post this quick and do another update for the 20 month wonder that she is.

    Gah. I keep meaning to write more, sadly every time it has popped into my head to put something on here there has been an issue with and I just can’t get in and on to do so. I could always write it elsewhere and copy/paste when things work again but I find that once that initial blockage happens I tend to go do something else momish until I completely forget the original thing I was going to do.

    Oh well, here is to good intentions and a hope to be able to put more time and keep up with this in the future.

    16 months. My little girl is 16 months old and full of curiousity and cute. Everything is a thing to be explored with all her senses and she is so sweet while she does so. She walks, she runs and climbs and talks. She has 14 teeth and didn’t cry the last time she had shots except for a brief moment when she didn’t want to be held down and me and the nurse singing to her calmed even that. We amazed the nurse that day too, she tried to hide the needles from Dahlia and I calmly explained to her it was time for shots, it was going to hurt a little and suck but it would be over so fast and then she would feel better and that she was such a big, strong girl I knew she was going to be just fine for them. I was lied to when I was a child about a blood test, it ended up making me fear doctors most of my life and I want to always be honest with Dahlia about what will happen. I don’t want her to have that same distrust and fear.

    She is a love. I am so happy to be her mom, so in awe of everything she does every single day, even that hard ones. There are hard days too, sometimes they feel like they outnumber the easy fun ones where everyone smiles through out but we learn from them and get through them together and that makes it worth it. It is always worth it too.

  8. Therapy, here comes my kid.

    July 15, 2013 Dahlia's mom

    Dahlia was being silly and I decided to read her some books. I did a few regular ones and she wasn’t all that into it so I pulled down the only pop up book.

    I tried to get her interested, reading the pages and asking Dahlia if she was ready before dramatically opening to the next one and gasping.

    At first she was looking over my right shoulder with interest. Slowly she started to back away and went to my left shoulder. Then she went over to my mom and clung to her. At first I thought she was really into my theatrical presentation of “Snappy Bugs, a Pop Up Book” then I realized she was actually shaking in terror with each flap of a paper wing.


    Anyway. I felt awful. I put the book down and carefully opened a few pages for her with a different tone and although her tiny hands shook, and she kept grasping my mom like the bug was going to leap off the page and eat her eyeballs, she edged over and started doing it herself. At first her little hands trembled when they went near the page but soon she was doing it with more confidence.

    And then the tearing began.

    There are paper bug parts everywhere. That book will terrorize no one ever again.

  9. Toddler Bed

    July 3, 2013 Dahlia's mom

    Dahlia tried climbing out of her crib, I happened to be awake for it and asked her what she was trying to do. Her answer in a tiny baby voice was “Get out.”.

    I decided to switch her crib to the toddler bed. Thankfully we were gifted a convertible from my lovely sibling when we were expecting. Dahlia tried to assist me, all the while saying “It’s a bed. It’s a bed!” and petting the base that the mattress sits in and trying to climb in before it was fully finished. Thankfully she understands “No.” and I was able to keep her from getting into too much trouble.

    When the bed was done and put back together she delighted in climbing into it herself, only to toss herself at me with no warning. A fun game of catch the flying toddler was indulged for a bit with many baby giggles. I love her giggles.

    Come bed time she did NOT think it was an appropriate place to rest. We tried to stick to normal bedtime routines but still, the difference was too much for her. I tried to gently enforce the bed time rules by sitting at the side and gently replacing and tucking her in over and over. She screamed like we were placing her on a bed of hot coals instead and called for her father. She was nothing but giggles and smiles when he came into the room but still she resisted bed time in the crib turned bed.

    Eventually, after both of us had tried all we could, encouraged all we could I decided to give up and let her do what she wanted for a bit longer. I figured she would get tired enough before long, she had to sleep sometime. She did, on the floor in front of the toddler bed, using a pair of my pants as a blanket. I scooped her up and placed her in the bed, tucked her in.

    The first night had her on the floor and then in the bed and back a few times, a brief stint in our bed and finally a morning where she woke, far more rested than her parents, in her own toddler bed.

    Night two had her fall asleep in the toddler bed, have two wet diapers that needed tending and a brief stint in our bed for cuddles after the second one but no time sleeping on the floor, no screaming and better rest for all of us. This will take some getting used to for us all but so far it hasn’t been too horrible and Dahlia seems to enjoy being able to go lie in her bed whenever the mood strikes her.

  10. Quick bit of silliness.

    January 25, 2013 Dahlia's mom

    Inappropriate humor this morning:
    Bill: “What do you want me to pack you for lunch?”
    Me: “A bag of dicks, I promise not to choke on them.”
    Bill: “Sorry, we are fresh out of dick.”
    Me: “Oh, did you eat the last one and not tell me? Better give me cereal then.”

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