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New Mom Fails # 2

April 18, 2012 Dahlia's mom

I believe I mentioned before I cloth diaper, because of this when I get a particularly messy diaper it is usually put to the side while I get the kidlet squared away, taking it to the bathroom to be cleaned up after she is dry, dressed and settled someplace safe. With Dahlia being a lot more wiggly at 3 months, this has become a lot more interesting, and messy!

The other day she had a really big, messy, poop. I pulled the diaper but her flailing with her feet was putting her in danger of getting a heel load of her own mess so I thought it a brilliant idea to move it up higher, above her head. Not the smartest thing I have ever done now that she also has the ability to grab things with her hands.

I finished and went to place my little girl in her swing when she smiled up at me and I noticed something all on her left cheek. I was confused at first and then horrified when I realized what it was that was on her cheek, in her ear and clenched in a brown death grip in her fist.

I lost more parenting points by laughing hysterically while cleaning her up and long after. I also made sure to Facebook the incident. My poor kid. She will totally write a book someday about what a crappy (no pun intended) parent I am!

My husband of course made the joke that she got shit faced. He is going to cruddy parent hell with me.

P.S. I am a Google addict. I Google pretty much everything in the universe I have questions on and I am more often than not amused by some of the things it comes up with. Today I Googled what shots my daughter might be getting on Friday and found myself here. Thank you Google. I certainly hope this isn’t what the doctor had in mind.

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